Month: August 2018

Can Liquor Have a Local Taste? They’re Banking on It

“For his dissertation, Mr. Arnold is examining how soil and climate in different parts of the state affect the flavor characteristics in corn, and whether those qualities come through in a distilled and aged spirit — a project that, he believes, will help him make whiskeys that can be identified with specific parts of Texas. “What I’m hoping to do is tap into flavors that have been forgotten,” he said.”

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The Best Distilleries to Visit in Texas

“Whiskey Ranch is a gorgeous place to spend the afternoon, as it sits on an 18-hole golf course and has views of downtown Fort Worth, a large fire pit with outdoor seating, and plenty of room to spread out. Smooth whiskey cocktails are served at the bar, and a back patio behind the bar offers a deck with seating and cornhole.”

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