Month: June 2019

The Best American Whiskeys For 4th Of July, According To Bartenders

“TX Whiskey from the Firestone and Robertson Distillery is what I like to drink on the fourth of July. I like to sip whiskey but everyone else in my group likes to have mixed drinks. I enjoy the honey and caramel flavors that come out over an ice cube or two, but it mixes well with Old Fashioned ingredients and colas as well.”

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20 Bourbon Whiskeys to Try in 2019, At Every Price Point

“Fort Worth-based craft distillers Firestone & Robertson make their bourbon using local grains and a proprietary yeast strain from a Texas pecan, lending flavors of dried fruit, sweet spice, and floral notes. This bourbon is smooth and sells fast.”

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Texas A&M corn breeder looking to build a better bourbon

“Murray’s corn breeding program evaluates about 7,000 varieties per year for food and animal feed, but his novel corn-for-whiskey project is attempting to answer the question: Can different corns make whiskey taste different? Better?”

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