Barrel Proof

The Terroir of Texas.
Uncut and Unfiltered.


Meet TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof. This is our bourbon right from the barrel—uncut and unfiltered—so that you can experience the flavors of our Texas ingredients, barrel aged in their purest form.

Each Harvest Date Different, Each Batch Unique

Each batch of TX Straight Bourbon Barrel Proof will carry a unique Harvest Date on the label. The date denotes the month and year that the barrels were harvested. The precise point in time the barrels are harvested will determine the bourbon’s age, proof, and flavor. No two batches of our Barrel Proof will be identical. On every bottle you can expect to see the exact proof, age, and harvest date handwritten on the label to encapsulate that batch’s story.

Texas Ingredients—Terroir & Provenance

We believe in the pursuit of terroir. Where our ingredients come from impact the flavors of our bourbon. The specific varieties of yellow dent corn and soft red winter wheat used to craft our bourbon are solely sourced from Sawyer Farms, which is located less than one hour south of our distillery. It’s a 4th generation Texas farm run by agricultural pioneer John Sawyer, and we are constantly working with him to explore the flavors that grain can imbue to whiskey. Many of those endeavors are realized in our Barrel Proof bourbon.


The provenance of our yeast strain is equally important as the terroir of our grains. In 2011, our Master Distiller Rob Arnold isolated a completely new and unique wild yeast strain from a pecan nut found on a local Texas ranch. We are the only distillery in the world that works with a wild strain of Texas yeast, and the flavors it delivers are unique to our whiskeys.

Texas Barrel Aging

As any Texan knows, there are extreme and frequent fluctuations in our weather. This results in a barrel aging process unlike any other state. The intense summer heat pushes the bourbon through the char layer and into the red layer, where it finds the caramelized wood that delivers all of the color and much of the flavor to the spirit. Given the indecisive nature of our Texas winters, it’s not uncommon to experience forty-degree temperature swings in the same day. The high heat and temperature fluctuations mean that the bourbon is constantly interacting with the red layer year-round. In our Barrel Proof expression, water is not used to dilute the bourbon before bottling, and no carbon or chill filtration is used. So, all those delicious flavors from the red layer are in their most concentrated form, ready for you to enjoy.