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If you like Margaritas, taste the TX Mango Tango.

If you enjoy a good Cosmopolitan, you have to try The Metroplexan.

If you know your Mint Julep, let us introduce you to the Raspberry Honey Julep.

If a Lemondrop is your go-to, then you will love the TX Lemonhead.

If you are a Cape Cod fan, just wait until you try the South Padre Sunset.

If you are an Old Fashioned drinker, then try the Pecan Old Fashioned.

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Like all cabernets are wine, but not all wines are cabernets, so too are all bourbons a whiskey, but not all whiskeys are a bourbon. Fun fact for your next dinner party.

We carefully blend our TX Blended Whiskey to accentuate the flavors we love and quiet those that may have become too strong in the aging process. Blending is an art of consistency and quality.

Our ingredients are locally-grown right here in the great state of Texas. Sawyer Farms, a 4th generation farm in Hillsboro, Texas, is making our TX Bourbon truly Texan. Texas grown, Texas raised and Texas aged.

When it comes to bourbon, there are a few things you need to know:

  • American- A bourbon can only be made in the US
  • Barrel- A bourbon must age in a new, charred American oak barrel
  • Corn- A bourbon must be made with at least 51% corn

TX Whiskey doesn’t just pair with dark mixers. The versatility of it invites you to shake up your cocktails throughout the year by using seasonal mixers- like lemonade or cranberry juice in the summer.

TX Bourbon pairs well with many sweet or sour mixers, making it the perfect spirit for accentuating the bold flavors you love with a softer bite.

Next time you’re caught between a light or dark spirit, consider trying whiskey as your new go-to.

We’re the first whiskey distillery since 1933 to isolate and utilize a proprietary wild strain of yeast. We’re proud to say ours is from a pecan nut we found on a ranch in Glen Rose, Texas.

This isn’t your grandpa’s whiskey. TX Whiskey goes down smooth with a slightly sweet finish you’ll love.