Our Founders

Leonard Firestone and Troy Robertson founded the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., the first craft bourbon and whiskey distillery in North Texas.

We’re against mass production, shortcuts and prohibition

We love everything about the world of whiskey: the history, the people, the techniques, the art, the science, the equipment and the satisfaction of sharing an incredible bottle with friends. But we didn’t always know that we shared the same passion – or that we both wanted to leave the corporate world to act on the same entrepreneurial instinct.

We became friends a few years ago, because our kids were in the same playgroup, but neither one of us had any idea of the other’s distillation dreams – until we both independently made plans to visit the same craft distillery to learn more about the trade.

Troy got there first, and while chatting with the owner, discovered that “another Fort Worth guy” had scheduled a visit the following week. Imagine Troy’s surprise when he found out it was Leonard.

“I hear you want to get into the whiskey business?” Troy said when he called Leonard later.

Leonard, who’d told no one but his wife about his plans, was floored. We got together for lunch the next day and quickly discovered we had the same vision for creating truly Texas whiskeys, and the same obsession with old-fashioned craftsmanship. We both had extensive experience with startup companies, and we immediately realized that together, we had the passion and know-how to make our whiskey dreams a reality.

We set out to find a suitable building for our distillery, and finally found the perfect location – a reclaimed prohibition-era warehouse just south of downtown Fort Worth. We completely renovated the interior, using materials we found in the building. Then we added two brand new copper pot-column hybrid stills, custom built to our specifications by Vendome Copper & Brass Works, Inc., the top still manufacturer in the United States.

We think the distillery is just awesome. And we think the whiskeys we’re producing are exceptional. We’d like nothing better than to show you how we create them, and, of course, give you a sample of each delicious product. Please come visit us. That would make us (and hopefully you) very happy.